About Us

If you are physically sore or mentally drained; you are in the right place!

Bowen Therapy is a gentle, hands-on technique that works to reset your body’s own healing ability. Bowen creates balance, increases blood flow, and releases tension in the muscles to allow your body to function optimally by removing toxin build-up.  This allows nutrients into the structures to heal them, and calming the nervous system to reduce stress.

New Born babies to elderly, chronic illness to a disability, Bowen is a gentle treatment that suits anybody from all walks of life.

Who We Are

After recovering from a serious illness, Jeannine decided to leave corporate life and return to the health industry she felt more at home in. She studied Bowen Therapy as a way to help others while still looking after her own well-being.

She loves the holistic nature of Bowen and its ability to help and heal on many levels.  She has a particular interest in the impacts of stress both physically and emotionally and is passionate about working with clients to build an increased awareness of body and self. Her aim is to support clients to an improved state of health and well-being using Bowen Therapy, Reiki, and meditation.

When she’s not at the clinic, Jeannine also enjoys working in a paediatric community health team as an allied health assistant.

What We Do

Bowen Therapy

Hands-on treatment for pain management and stress relief

Aroma Touch Technique

Essential oils applied to the back and feet to calm the body and mind

Mindset Coaching

Design a stress free life the way YOU want to live it